Company report

Company report

Report of the Management Board

IVO RAUH – Member of the Management Board DEKRA SE, CTO, Services and Innovation
STEFAN KÖLBL – Chairman of the Management Board DEKRA e.V. and DEKRA SE, CEO
WOLFGANG LINSENMAIER – Member of the Management Board DEKRA SE, CFO, HR and IT
CLEMENS KLINKE – Member of the Management Board DEKRA SE, COO, Regions and Sales, Head of Region Germany

The tripartite business unit structure was abandoned in favor of a more market and customer-centric organization. Since January 2019, we have bundled our services in eight Service Divisions and eight regions. We use the power of the DEKRA Group for the benefit of our customers, and can offer more comprehensive and innovative solutions worldwide. In particular, with a view to the new opportunities offered by digitalization, we are networking our expertise and thus further expanding customer orientation. Year 2018 has shown: The realization of our vision 2025, i.e. becoming a global provider for a safe world is progressing in leaps and bounds. One example is the construction of Europe’s largest manufacturer-independent test and inspection track for the future of mobility, automated and networked driving. As a result of this and further investments in test infrastructures for a global digital test network, DEKRA is well on the way to becoming the preferred partner for technical and organizational safety, even in Asia’s growth markets. In a nutshell: With the new basic structure, we will be able to fulfil our safety mission even better in the future. This ensures greater global safety and guarantees sustainable growth in the three key areas of life on the road, at work and at home.

Report of the Supervisory Board

Thomas Pleines

Chairman of the Presidential Board DEKRA e.V., Chairman of the Supervisory Board DEKRA SE

Yet the prospects for continued success is anchored on solid foundations. And this can be attributed to the fact that the Management, Presidential and Supervisory Boards, along with the Management Team, all clearly recognize and exploit new market opportunities at an early stage. Thus, the corporate development of recent years has been characterized by the consistent expansion of competencies, strategic acquisitions and the internationalization of the business. Be it automated driving, Industry 4.0 or cyber security, DEKRA engages in crucial future topics and has repeatedly distinguished itself as a pioneer in the industry. Both in traditional markets such as vehicle safety and in digital fields such as connectivity, DEKRA is valued as a partner worldwide. In the 2018 fiscal year, DEKRA also set the course for the future from a position of strength. By further developing its organizational structure, DEKRA will be networking its competencies even better in the future for the benefit of its customers throughout the world. This maintains the growth momentum and enable the positive run to continue. On behalf of the Presidential Board and the Supervisory Board, I thank all members of DEKRA e.V. as well as customers and business partners for their trust. My special thanks goes out to DEKRA employees for their great commitment.