Social responsibility

Social responsibility



Winning together means acting sustainably together. DEKRA continuously develops its contribution to sustainability in the economy, environment and society with internal and external partners. This happens on the one hand through the internal sustainability management, and on the other hand, through sustainability-related services, whereby DEKRA helps its customers to operate sustainably themselves.

Sustainability is a core value for DEKRA. With its expert services, the company contributes to sustainable development and promotes global safety in key areas of life.

Working Together

DEKRA Sustainability Management is based on the successful teamwork of all employees. It is aligned with the company values and is based on the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK or Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex). Since May 2017, DEKRA officially complies with the DNK. This is also reflected in successful sustainability assessments such as Ecovadis, Drive Sustainability and Fira. The bi-annual DEKRA Sustainability Magazine also provides stakeholders with a more detailed overview of sustainability goals and progress.

Together with its partners – from suppliers to customers – DEKRA creates added value. Therefore, sustainability affects the entire value chain. DEKRA considers economic, social and ecological aspects in all upstream and downstream processes. Self-assessment and audits assess partners in the supply chain in terms of sustainability, quality and integrity. Employees of the purchasing departments train and make DEKRA aware of sustainability issues in the supply chain. With specific services around the environment and social responsibility – such as sustainable building (green building) – DEKRA supports its customers worldwide in the area of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Moving Together

DEKRA is involved in cross-industry initiatives, expert groups and forums in the field of sustainability. At the annual Daimler Sustainability Dialog, for example, DEKRA discusses autonomous mobility in the context of ethics and sustainability. The Dialogue Forum on Social Responsibility of the German Football Association (DFB) supports the path to a sustainable European Championship in 2024. As part of the Forum Compliance & Integrity, DEKRA participates in new concepts for corporate social responsibility and human rights duties. Another example of DEKRA’s commitment: As a partner of the Clean Mobility Center, a European innovation cluster for sustainable mobility, DEKRA is working on solutions for clean, intelligent and safe mobility.



As a neutral, independent expert organization, DEKRA is committed to the safety of people in the key areas of life on the road, at work and at home.

Accident research

In the reporting year 2018, DEKRA Accident Research celebrated its anniversary: For over 40 years, experts have been analyzing real accident situations on the roads and deriving lessons for more traffic safety.

Never drive right past it

Turning trucks are a great danger for pedestrians and cyclists, because accidents are usually fatal. Therefore, DEKRA in 2018, under the slogan “Never drive right past it”, launched an information campaign on the “blind spots” and is also a partner in the campaign Turn-off Assistant by Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer.

Proper road behavior protects lives – for example, those of children, pedestrians or cyclists. Therefore, corresponding actions in 2018 were one of the focal points of DEKRA’s initiatives.

Road Safety Report

In 2018, the eleventh year of its publication, the DEKRA Road Safety Report (VSR) focused on the question of how the Vision Zero – which means reducing the number of road deaths to zero – could be accomplished. The report is well received by decision-makers in politics, associations and companies both nationally and internationally.


For the third time, DEKRA has awarded the “DEKRA Vision Zero Award”. The German city of Bad Homburg, eight years in a row without a single fatal accident in urban transport, has received this award in 2018.

As an expert in Road Safety, DEKRA is closely linked with motorsport. For exactly 30 years, we have been responsible for the technical acceptance of vehicles of the German Touring Car Masters.


Also in 2018, DEKRA experts took over the technical acceptance of the vehicles on the German Touring Car Masters (DTM). Thus, they are responsible for compliance with technical regulations. This year, the partnership celebrated its 30th anniversary.


Careers at DEKRA

Challenging tasks, good prospects and an attractive environment define DEKRA as an employer.

Employee Development

DEKRA has been on a growth path for 15 years now – in terms of sales, but also among its employees. They underlie the company’s success in the 2018 fiscal year, more than 45,000 experts were employed. In the meantime, more than half of the core workforce work outside our home market of Germany.


DEKRA stands for future-proof jobs. As diverse as the tasks and services of the company are the competences of the employees. The spectrum ranges from test engineers, experts and industrial doctors to sales staff, controllers, IT experts, auditors and trainers, to project and process managers.

DEKRA is growing and constantly looking for capable employees who are committed to taking on responsible tasks and contributing to provide safety in the world.


Safe careers – that’s what DEKRA offers its employees. The ability to contribute to the safety of people around the world proves extremely appealing for young talents as well as professionals. Not surprisingly, DEKRA succeeds year after year in attracting new dedicated experts in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, civil engineering, computer science, economics and industrial engineering.

Support and personal responsibility – according to this principle, DEKRA accompanies its employees on their career path. This also includes international assignments if there is a corresponding potential.


Connected by shared values, every employee engages in the DEKRA vision, the global partner for a safe world – in the worlds of transport, at work and at home – with know-how, responsibility and passion. For this purpose, DEKRA offers its employees a working environment in which they can feel at home and develop professionally. Exciting projects and tasks come with an appreciative atmosphere, flexible working time models as well as attractive remuneration and work-life balance.


DEKRA nurtures the expertise of its employees. As an expert organization, the regular and intensive professional qualification is a matter of course for DEKRA. Moreover, for example, with the International Advancement Program, young talent are prepared for international assignments and missions. DEKRA has also launched a worldwide management program, the Managerial Foundation Program (MFP), for all middle-level management.


DEKRA demands entrepreneurial thinking and action, integrity and team spirit. The ability to act in a service-oriented and customer-oriented manner as well as to work independently is a daily prerequisite.